All about Broad Match Keyword Type in Google Adwords

You target keywords, bid on keywords, rank on keywords and finally get conversion on keywords. So, you can see, keywords are the heart of PPC campaign management. It takes more time for PPC Management than creating an actual PPC Campaign. It is very important to know the different keyword match types that we use in Google Adwords. Each match type has its own benefits and drawbacks, but you should be choosing them wisely according to your campaign strategy and objective. If utilized effectively, it can get you the best results!
So, I am going to discuss about six keyword match types in this series of blog posts: Broad, Phrase, Exact, Negative, Modified Broad and Embedded. Today we are going to see how broad match keywords work and what are their benefits and drawbacks, the other match types will be covered in the following posts to come in this month:
Broad Match Keywords in Google Adwords.

This is the default match type Google Adwords uses for targeting any keyword. As the name suggests, it has a broader reach of audience, but at the same time might not get you relevant traffic. In simple words, it is one or sequence of keywords that will show your ad any time one of those keywords are searched by the user. You don’t have to use any sign around your keyword to notify Google Adwords that you want to target a broad keyword.

Broad Match Benefits

  • More Traffic
  • Broader reach
  • Good for branding purpose
  • Targets singulars / plurals automatically
  • Targets synonyms and similar words

Broad Match Drawbacks

  • Requires larger budget
  • Non relevant traffic
  • Not good for small business with smaller budget

Broad Match Keyword Example
If you are targeting a keyword ‘Red Car’, your ad would be eligible to appear when a user’s search term contained either or both words in any order. So your ad would show up for search queries like red car, car red, red toyota car, buy red car, red car chicago, red vehicles, honda cars etc. If the user is in the same session, your ad might show up for keyword like red shoes and likes of keyword which are not relevant.

As mentioned earlier, you should be careful while using broad match, as it can blow your budget away. It is a good practice to check search term report periodically, to see which keywords are triggering your ad. From this report you will be able to non relevant keywords, which can be added to your negative keyword list. This report also identifies good relevant keywords, which you can add to your campaign using different match types like phrase match or exact match.

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